10 Best Outdoor Clothing For Cold Weather

It’s that time of the year! Cold weather has arrived and it is the perfect time to update your outdoor clothing collection and restock on some winter gear. Jackets and hats keep us warm, but there are certain clothes that work extremely well in keeping you nice and toasty, all the way down to the socks on your feet. 

We all know that dreaded feeling when we get extremely cold, it takes forever to defrost and warm up. It can be even harder on babies and toddlers as they can’t tell you how cold they’re feeling. When they’re cold like this at naptime or bedtime, you can say hello to not-so-great sleep! You are definitely doing yourself and your child a favor by making sure they are bundled up in cold weather gear for all of the season’s outdoor adventures. 

How to dress your little one for colder weather!

10 Best Outdoor Clothing Items for Cold Weather

1. Columbia Double Trouble Jacket

This jacket is the best of both worlds and a great jacket for those cold, wintry days. The inside is a cozy, warm microfleece material and the outer shell is water resistant and the perfect material to keep your kiddo nice and dry. The deep pockets are great for keeping hands warm or for carrying hand warmers to keep extra toasty. Another great benefit of this jacket is that the sizes range from 3-6 months all the way up to 4T!

2. Carhartt Kids Acrylic Watch Hat

When the temperature drops, it is SO important to keep your little one’s head covered and warm. This Carhartt beanie is a great way to do just that. It is thin enough to fit underneath a jacket hood, but still holds in all that body heat that we don’t want escaping. These come in infant all the way to adult sizing, so an added bonus is that the whole family can benefit from these hats!

3. London Fog Classic Heavyweight Snow Bib

In extreme cold weather you want your kiddo to stay warm and dry. These snow bibs will do just that. Made with water resistant fabric on the outer layer, adjustable buckle straps and a zipper down the front, you can easily get your child in and out of these while knowing they are staying warm and dry.

4. Pure Merino Wool Kids Natural & Organic Warm Base Layer, Toddler & Infant Sleeper

Base layering is the key to keeping your child warm and comfortable in cold conditions. Simply Merino makes 100% pure organic Merino Wool pajamas that double as long underwear and make the perfect base shell layer to ensure your child’s warmth. Merino wool naturally helps regulate body temperature so this base layer works perfect for playing out in the snow as well as for overnight sleep to help keep your child toasty warm.

5. MERIWOOL Merino Wool Kids Hiking Socks

Just like we want to keep our kiddos’ heads warm and from losing heat, we want to do the same for their feet. There is nothing worse than your feet freezing when you’re trying to have fun outside. Merino wool socks are excellent for doing just that. Keeping feet cozy warm, while still being completely comfortable and not too bulky. Whether your kids are wearing these socks with hiking boots or snow boots, they are sure to keep their feet warm and comfortable. 

6. BOGS Child Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rubber Neoprene Snow Boot

BOGS are the ultimate in winter boots. They are waterproof and lightweight, yet made with 7 mm neo-tech insulation and comfort rated to -30 Degrees F, these boots are sure to keep little toes warm. BOGS come in a huge size range, from toddler sizes to big kid sizes, making these a great choice for kids of all ages.

7. Thinsulate Winter Waterproof Gloves

Warm hands are a must when it comes to dressing our kids for the outdoors in cold weather. These gloves are made from thinsulate and taslon, when combined they offer the best in keeping hands warm and dry. The strap hook and loop closure provides a snug, sealed fit and the extra long cuff keeps chilly winter air out and hands warm.

8. Columbia Kids’ Snuggly Bunny Bunting

We can’t forget about the babies in the family! Columbia makes this great bunting that is perfect for keeping babies cozy and warm. The outer layer is water and wind resistant, while the insulation layer is made of microfleece that provides extra warmth and a soft texture against baby skin. Fold over hands and feet provide complete enclosure so you don’t need to worry about little hands and feet coming uncovered while outside. Think of this as a combo jacket/sleeping bag! These also help if you are in a location where there is a strong wind chill.

9. Widgeon Warm Plus Hooded Wrap Jacket

On those days where you need a little extra bundling, this fleece jacket is the perfect mid layer. It’s made from super soft fleece and has a handy velcro closure that makes it so easy to get on and off even the wiggliest of toddlers. Sizes range from newborn all the way up to size 5 so it’s another one that’s great for all ages. 

10. Columbia Double Trouble Pants

Just like the jacket we started with, these Columbia Double Trouble pants are sure to keep your little warm and dry. Water resistant on the outside and microfleece on the inside, these pants are insulated with 100g of microtemp insulation. These pants are built to be worn as is or you can layer over a base layer for added warmth and comfort.

As parents we sometimes worry about how we can make sure our kids stay warm in the colder temperatures. I hope these tips and items are helpful to you and your family in feeling confident in dressing your kids and keeping them cozy and warm this winter season.

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