25 Must Haves For Toddlers And Babies This Summer

25 summer must-haves for toddlers and babies this summer!

Finally- summer is here! After what has felt like the longest winter ever, the sunshine has arrived and it’s time to soak up some sun! Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of some nice weather and play outdoors with your kiddos. Outdoor play is essential for growing kids, and they can learn so much by being in an outdoor environment. Whether you have a newborn, infant, toddler, or kindergartener home on summer break, these are my must-haves for toddlers and babies this summer. All while beating the heat, of course! 

25 Must-Haves for Toddlers and Babies This Summer 

Inflatable Swimming Pool

Nothing beats the heat like floating in a kiddie pool. This one is the perfect size for you and your little one, or even the whole family! It’s inflatable so no need to worry about it taking up too much space during winter months. If you don’t have access to a beach or pool, this water play option is one of the must-haves for toddlers and babies this summer.   

SunSmart Lazy River Kiddie Pool – Inflatable Kids Pool with 2 Toy Ducks and Removable Sunshade Canopy

If you have a baby, this is the perfect pool for you! The SunSmart inflatable pool has a sunshade canopy with UPF 50 that will protect your infant from the sun, as well as a fountain for them to play and splash in. I love that this protects your baby from UV rays, it gives such a sense of relief that they won’t get sunburned. My kids are very fair skinned so I’m always looking for products that are protecting them from UV rays!  

Splash Pad, Sprinkler for Kids

Babies and toddlers love splash pads. They can crawl around in just enough water to keep them cool during playtime- and the best part? You can sit in it too and beat the heat!

Airhead WICKED Kwik-Dry Neolite Flex Life Vest

US Coast Guard-approved life vests are must-haves for toddlers and babies this summer if they’ll be near any body of water. This one comes in infant, toddler, and child sizing. Whether you’re on a boat or swimming in the pool, make sure your little one has a life jacket on!

Kids Water Shoes

These are great water shoes for infant – youth sizes! They come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are perfect for the pool or beach and don’t have mesh on them, so sand won’t get inside as easily.

Badger Natural Mineral Sunscreen

This is my favorite sunscreen lotion that provides UV protection for babies, children, and adults. I have this in every beach bag and diaper bag throughout the entire year. It is a thick sunscreen, so a little goes a long way, but it truly works!

UPF 50+ Easy Pop-Up 3-4 Person Beach Tent

Heading to the beach during the summer months? This pop-up beach tent is an umbrella but better! There are a ton of pop-up shade options out there, but I especially love this one because 3-4 people can fit, so you can comfortably sit with your baby in the shade and breastfeed or take a rest. It also offers UPF 50+ protection to keep those bright sun rays off your little one. 

Summer Pop and Sit Portable Chair

This chair is portable, has a tray that is dishwasher safe, and the chair can be used indoors and outdoors. It can be used as a booster seat at a restaurant as well. The back of the chair has a mesh pocket where you can keep utensils, baby wipes, etc. It collapses and has a carrying case so it’s easy to transport. (This makes life so much easier for moms and dads- I promise!) For the beach, parks, or leaving your house in general – it’s the best travel hack ever. These are must-haves for toddlers and babies this summer! 

Baby Boys Kids Swimsuit One Piece Toddlers Zipper Bathing Suit Swimwear with Hat

The sun can be so unforgiving, especially to young skin. Since sunscreen isn’t recommended for babies under 6 months, you want to be sure to keep them protected in other ways. This one-piece suit is long-sleeved and comes with a hat.

Baby/Toddler Swimsuit UPF 50+ Sun Protection One Piece Zipper Bathing Suit with Sun Hat

This set is similar to the one above, offers UPF 50+ sun protection and comes in the cutest print!

Baby Sun Hat

Keeping the sun off your baby’s face is imperative when it’s sunny. Sun hats are must-haves for toddlers and babies this summer to keep them cool and sunburn-free! 

i Play Reusable Swim Diaper

Regular diapers don’t stand a chance in the pool or playing in the water. A good, waterproof swim diaper is a great investment. They’re washable, reusable, and keep things contained while your little one is splashing and playing in the pool!

Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers

While reusable swim diapers are an excellent choice, sometimes you just need a disposable one! Disposable swim diapers are great to keep on hand in your diaper bag in case your reusable gets soiled and you don’t have a backup. These fit snug around your baby to contain messes, and don’t swell in the water like regular diapers.

Baby Sunglasses

Protect little eyes with sunglasses! These infant sunglasses have a strap so that they don’t get lost. They’re also made of flexible plastic, you know your baby will bend these like crazy just to see what they can do! Sunglasses are must-haves for toddlers and babies this summer to protect your child’s eyes and keep them comfortable. 

Simple Modern Kids Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Staying hydrated on a hot summer day is so important- especially for little ones! This water bottle is made with insulated stainless steel and will keep drinks cold for HOURS.

Hooded Towel

Whether you’re hanging out on the beach or taking a dip in the pool, hooded towels are must-haves for toddlers and babies this summer. I love these because you don’t have to worry about a towel staying wrapped around your child. Kids love them because they are almost like a costume! They come in astronauts, mermaids, and all kinds of other fun designs. No more fumbling to the car or changing clothes and having a towel drag on the ground!

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk

What better way to let your child’s imagination and creativity shine than by giving them a piece of sidewalk chalk and letting them be creative? If you’ve got a toddler, use this as an opportunity to practice colors, letters, numbers, shapes, etc. The list goes on and on! If you’ve got a baby, draw simple pictures and shapes and tell them what they see. 

Durable Automatic Bubble Blower

Have you ever met a child who didn’t go nuts for bubbles?! This machine is perfect for any bubble-loving little one. Simply fill it up with bubble solution, flip the switch, and watch the bubble magic happen.

Bubble Solution Refills

You can’t have a bubble machine without having lots of bubble refill solution on hand. This one makes up to 2.5 gallons of bubbles!

Big Bubble Wand Assortment

While bubble machines are ideal to have at home, they aren’t great for on-the-go. This set of bubble wants comes with 12 different colored wands, along with bubble solution refills! Perfect for the beach, a nice day at the park, or just playing in the backyard. 

Mini Stroller Fan Clip-on

This fan very well may be the top summer essential for babies! When it’s hot out your baby can’t tell you they’re uncomfortable. The best thing you can do for them to assure they’re not too hot is to have a stroller clip-on fan to circulate the air around them. This one is great- you can attach it directly to their stroller or car seat to ensure they’ve got cool air blowing. 

Silicone Popsicle Molds

Nothing cools you down on a hot day like a popsicle. Having a popsicle mold on hand is an excellent way to use up leftover smoothies, juice, or anything else you can think of that would freeze into a tasty treat! 

Outdoor Yard Games for Toddlers

If you’re looking for games to play indoors or out with your littles, this is a great option! This set comes with a mini bean bag toss, safety darts, a sticky ball, and tic tac toe. Great for hand-eye coordination, numbers, letters, and other gross motor skills! It’s perfect to travel with and small enough that you can play inside if it’s just too hot to be outdoors.

3 otters Baby Beach Toys

You can’t go to the beach without playing in the sand! This set is great for building castles or just digging in the sand. These toys will keep your baby entertained, making parenting just a bit easier. They’re also great to play with on a water table, pool, or during bath time!

Shark Fishing Play Set for Babies and Kids

Too hot to play outside in the pool? This toy set is a must-have for playing in the bath! Playing in a lukewarm bath is a great summer activity to beat the heat and play in some water. The net in this toy set is perfect for your child to practice hand-eye coordination and is sure to keep them busy for a long time. 

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t LOVE playing with a water table! Water tables are great for babies who are standing but not quite walking yet. They can pull themselves up, stand, splash, and play to their heart’s content!

Magnetic Fishing Game

This game is great for toddlers playing on a water table. Dump the fish in, give them a pole, and let them have at it! It’s also a great outdoor activity to practice numbers and colors – “Can you catch the blue fish? How many yellow fish are there?”

I hope you got some fun ideas from my list of must-haves for toddlers and babies this summer! If your summer is coming to an end soon, check out my post on how to get your child back on a sleep schedule for school.

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