35 Toddler Sleep Products

35 products to help your little one get better sleep!

Toddlers are wild. I said it. They go from zero to one hundred and then back to zero in 3 seconds flat. They are learning independence, new skills daily, and grow at a rapid rate. Toddler sleep habits are completely different from baby sleep habits. While sleep (and quality, restful sleep) is still vital to toddlers, putting them to bed can be a whole new ball game. Toddlers are very active and extremely curious. It can oftentimes be hard to get your toddler to settle down for bed. It is totally fine to rely on a sleep aid or two (or five!) to help your toddler settle in for a good night’s sleep!

35 Toddler Sleep Products

1. White Noise Machine – Marpac Dohm Classic The Original White Noise Machine Featuring Soothing Natural Sound from a Real Fan

White noise might just be the number one sleep product you need regardless of the age of your child. Babies and toddlers both benefit so much from white noise. It may not seem like much, but the simple task of turning on the white noise can be a great part of your toddler’s bedtime routine and it also drowns out the noise of the house which can wake up your child and trigger some massive FOMO (fear of missing out) in them. 

2. OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Toddlers are notorious for hopping out of bed as soon as they open their eyes, even if it’s not quite time to get up. This alarm clock lights up green when it’s time to get up and doubles as a night light! Toddlers can start to develop a fear of the dark, it’s totally fine to add a few night lights to their room!

3. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

The ultimate all in one! This little wonder is a sound machine, night light and time to rise clock all in one little compact device. And the best part, you can control it from your phone!

4. Delta Children Canton Toddler Bed, Grey

Ideally it’s best to keep your toddler in their crib as long as possible. Sometimes that’s not always feasible, perhaps you have a little houdini/escape artist or you have a new baby coming who needs the crib. A toddler bed is a great spot for you little one to lay their head at night.

5. Delta Children Toddler Bedding Set

Cozy bedding is key to helping your child get comfy and fall asleep. While it’s not necessary to have a full bedding set (some toddlers utilize only a sleep sack), it can be very helpful to your child to have a blanket, pillow, and sheet set. Every child is different so this one will really depend on your child’s needs.

6. Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase – 13X18 Soft Organic Cotton Toddler Pillows

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your child is 2 to offer them a pillow. If your child is 2 or older and asking for a pillow or showing readiness for one, feel free to offer them one. It isn’t necessary, and some kids 3 or older still don’t use pillows, but it can be very helpful in helping your child get good sleep.

7. hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard with Reinforced Anchor Safety

This rail is perfect if your toddler is sleeping on a standard mattress. It’s perfect for keeping your little one in bed all night!

8. Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress Pad and Toddler Crib Mattress Pad

Accidents happen. Setting your child’s bed up with a mattress pad, sheet and then another mattress pad and sheet makes middle of the night accident cleanup a breeze! Just pull off the soiled sheet and mattress pad off and the clean set is ready for your little to hop back in bed!

9. NICETOWN White Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are extremely useful in making your childs room dark so that the natural light from outside doesn’t wake them up too early or keep them from falling asleep. 

10. KYTE BABY Unisex Bamboo Rayon Sleeping Bag for Babies and Toddlers, 0.5 Tog

Typically babies sleep in a sleep sack instead of with a blanket. It is better for safe sleep and it helps keep them from climbing out of the crib as well being a set part of their sleep routine each night. Sleep sacks are great for toddlers as well! This sleep sack is great because it is so soft and cozy and will last for so long because of the huge size range (6-18 months and 18-36 months!)

11. KYTE BABY Unisex Bamboo Rayon Sleeping Bag for Babies and Toddlers, 1.0 Tog  

The great thing about sleep sacks is they come in different weights or togs. The sleep sack above is great for summer nights as it’s nice and lightweight at 0.5 tog. This sleep sack is 1.0 tog and perfect for everyday use in mild temperatures. 

12. KYTE BABY Unisex Soft Bamboo Rayon Sleeping Bag for Babies and Toddlers, 2.5 Tog

This sleep sack is perfect for those chilly winter nights at 2.5 tog. It feels like a cozy weighted blanket on your child without being too heavy.

13. MAXTID Weighted Blanket for Kids 5lbs

Speaking of weighted blankets… This one is great for kids! It helps provide comfort and can help your child relax and drift off to sleep. This weighted blanket comes in 2lbs, 3lbs and 5lbs so be sure to pick the right size for your child.

14. Warmies Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush Giraffe

Some kids need a stuffed animal to snuggle to help them fall asleep. This stuffed animal is perfect because you can not only snuggle it as is, you can warm it up in the microwave to help your child feel extra cozy. And it is lavender scented which provides a calming and relaxing effect. 

15. MissRHEA Small Elephant Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils can be an excellent tool in helping your child fall asleep. Some essential oils have natural soothing effects that help kids sleep. This essential oil diffuser is great for adding that scent to your childs room to help them relax and sleep. It also doubles as a night light!

16. Plant Therapy KidSafe Sweet Slumber Essential Oil Blend 10 mL (1/3 oz) 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade

Sometimes a little extra something can be just the right things to help your child sleep. This essential oil blend has cedarwood, ho wood, sweet orange, roman chamomile and vetiver to help soothe your child to sleep. Just put a few drops in an oil diffuser and let the lovely scent fill their room.

17. Plant Therapy KidSafe Nighty Night Essential Oil Blend for Sleep 10 mL (1/3 oz) Pre-Diluted Roll-On 100% Pure, Natural Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Grade

This oil blend comes in a convenient roll-on form, no diffuser required! This blend contains lavender, marjoram sweet, mandarin, cedarwood atlas, patchouli, clary sage, roman chamomile, and blue tansy.

18. Zarbee’s Baby Calming Bedtime Spray with Lavender and Chamomile

If diffusing oils or using a roll on oil blend isn’t something you’re looking for then this spray is perfect! Just lightly spray your childs room and above their bed to help them drift off to a peaceful night’s sleep.

19. Slumberkins Hammerhead Board Book & Jellyfish Mini

The perfect lovie/book combo for kids of any age! Slumberkins each come with a special book and they support emotional well being, growth and imagination.

20. LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home

Sometimes having a stuffy room can inhibit your child’s ability to sleep well. This air purifier is the perfect size for a child’s bedroom.

21. Ocean Wave Projector

Maybe a traditional night light isn’t quite what you’re looking for in your childs room or perhaps they need a little something to focus on as they relax before bed. Try an ocean wave projector! This one projects relaxing ocean wave like images on the ceiling to help your child drift off to sleep.

22. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo

This hippo night light projects a calming night’s sky onto the ceiling as well as plays songs, melodies, and also sounds and phrases that can be great for younger kids learning to talk!

23. Yogasleep Rohm Portable White Noise Machine for Travel

Even when traveling, you need white noise to help your child sleep and feel comfortable in their sleep environment. This one has a long battery life and plays three different soothing white noise sounds. 

24. Eocom 6 Pairs Children’s Winter Thick Warm Wool Socks

There is nothing worse than cold feet at bedtime! On an especially chilly evening, try these socks on your little ones toes to keep them cozy and warm. 

25. Aooyaoo Glow in The Dark Stars Wall Stickers

Another play on a night light, but a much softer glow. We all had these star stickers on our ceilings as kids, right?! They are perfect to project a soft glow in your toddlers room. 

26. FridaBaby Sleep Bath Bombs

Bathtime is the perfect time to start winding your little one down for bed. These FridaBaby bath bombs are made with soothing lavendar and are the perfect addition to your little’s bedtime routine. 

27. The Honest Company Truly Calming Lavender Bubble Bath

If bath bombs aren’t your thing, give this bubble bath a try! The calming lavender scent is just the thing for a relaxing bedtime bath. 

28. Aleva Naturals Sleep Easy Calming Relaxing Bedtime Baby Lotion

After a relaxing bath, calming bedtime lotion is the next step before your little one is in jammies and off to bed! Made with lavender and chamomile, it’s perfect for a bedtime massage. 

29. Bedtime (Toddler Tools Book)

This book eases your little one into their bedtime routine as it walks through a similar routine for a family. The reassuring story helps your child feel good about settling down for bedtime.

30. Little Dinosaur (Ten Minutes to Bed)

This book leads a dinosaur on a journey as he races towards bedtime with only 10 minutes left!

31. The Honest Company Overnight Sleepy Sheep Diapers

There is nothing worse than your toddler waking up in the middle of the night because their diaper leaked. These Honest Company diapers are made specifically for overnights and are designed to pull the moisture away from your child’s skin so they don’t end up with irritated skin by morning.

32. Medline Booster Pads with Adhesive

If your child is one that wets through overnight diapers, try these booster pads. They add extra absorbency to their diaper in order to avoid the dreaded leaking diaper situation!

33. Dreo 42 Inch Tower Fan with Remote

No one can sleep in a stuffy, closed up bedroom. This fan is perfect for a child’s room because it’s bladeless! No fingers getting squished or injured here! This one is the perfect size for a child’s room to get the air moving around and avoid that stale air feeling.

34. KYTE BABY Toddler Pajama Set

Comfy jams are an absolute must for toddlers! Kyte pajamas are made of a bamboo blend that is soft and stretchy and SO comfy. Bamboo also helps regulate body temperature, so they help keep your child cool in the summer and nice and cozy warm in the winter without any added bulk.

35. Simple Modern 14oz Summit Kids Water Bottle Thermos with Straw Lid

How many times has your toddler gotten up to get one more sip of water before bed? Try sticking a water bottle by their bed so they can take a small sip without getting out of bed!

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