Best Baby Sleep Products

Parenting is difficult no matter how you look at it- but it’s so much easier when you’re getting good sleep. Not only is sleep essential for being the best version of ourselves for our kids, but sleep is the most critical component of development, health, and growth for babies. Babies who sleep better, longer, and restoratively are happier, eat better, … Read More

The 3-Year Sleep Regression

Sleep regressions are a normal part of your little one’s growth and development. During the early years of your child’s life, they are picking up so much information about the world around them! Sleep regressions typically happen around 4,8,12,18, 24, and 36 months. Learning about sleep regressions can help parents and caregivers to learn and better understand what a child … Read More

10 Benefits Of Swaddling Your Baby

Since 4,000 BC, parents have been swaddling their babies. Swaddling is using a light blanket to wrap your baby in to help them feel safe and secure and to mimic the feeling inside the womb. In the womb, babies are wrapped like a cocoon and when they come out into the world, it’s the first time they’re able to stretch … Read More

Baby Not Sleeping At Daycare

For many parents, daycare is a necessary part of keeping the ship afloat. Although some kids adapt right away, for others, it may take a little bit longer to get the hang of sleeping at daycare. Being in daycare can potentially create sleep challenges and unique situations- however, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with the right approach! Today, I’ll … Read More

Get Better Rest: Top Sleep Tips For Twins And Multiples

Getting one child to fall asleep is difficult enough- for parents of twins and multiples, it turns into an entirely different story. Twins and multiples are so much fun- but when it comes to bedtime, sleep is often impacted. Between distractions, differing schedules, and multiples ganging up to try and resist bedtime, it can become quite the handful. Although there … Read More

How to Dress Your Baby for Sleep

Babies can sleep up to 18 hours a day (in 24 hours) within their first year of life. That’s a lot of sleep! It’s important to make sure that parents are choosing the right sleepwear to contribute to safe sleep and restorative sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends dressing your baby in one additional layer from what you are … Read More

The Science Of Baby Sleep: Better Understanding Sleep Cycles

As a parent, sleepless nights often come with the territory. When we don’t get proper rest, we can feel it the next day (or next month, or year, depending on how long the sleep issues persist). Low-quality sleep doesn’t just impact us- getting solid REM is essential for your baby, too. Baby sleep is imperative to proper growth and brain … Read More

How To Get Your Child Back On A Sleep Schedule

We’ve all been there- you finally feel like you’re on track with your sleep habits, and all of a sudden it feels like you’re back at square one. There are so many things that can disrupt a child’s sleep schedule. Whether it be a vacation, a break during the school year, an illness, or a time change, these can all … Read More

Newborn Sleep Schedule: How to Get On Track for Better Sleep

The newborn stage brings on a roller coaster of emotions for new parents. Adjusting to the major life change of welcoming a whole new person into the world is no joke. Between newborn bliss, diapers, feedings, and sleep deprivation, you’re learning the ins and outs of parenthood (all while feeling like a total zombie). It’s a wild ride. Whether you’re … Read More

Handling Separation Anxiety in Toddlers and Promoting Better Sleep

On the long list of parenting challenges, separation anxiety is pretty close to the top. Although separation anxiety can feel impossible when you’re in the thick of it, there are many ways to help get through it. (Don’t worry- it won’t last forever.) Today, we’re covering how to handle separation anxiety in toddlers and promote healthy sleep habits!  Handling Separation … Read More