Sleep Shore Clients and Families:

We may have just finished working on your child's sleep but that doesn't mean the support ends here!

If you often think; I wish I could ask Molly about this or what would Molly tell me to do, well - now you can! This is exactly why I created A Shore Thing! Membership Program. I want all of my former clients to have continuous support as your child grows and develops.

Your Membership Includes:
  • All digital sleep guides
  • Private membership community page on FB
  • Unlimited Q&A weekdays 9-5 am ET using Voxer
  • Discounted tune up package ($99 for 1 week) to help with challenges like:
    • Nap transitions 
    • Navigating sleep through sickness, teething and developmental milestones 
    • Schedule tune-ups 
    • Navigating travel (plane rides, time zones, hotels, etc.)

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