Baby Bedtime Routine: Do’s and Don’ts

Quality sleep is essential to your baby’s growth and development. Sleep problems can lead to challenges with immune systems, development, and overall wellness. Creating a bedtime routine can make a big difference in your child’s sleep patterns and sleep habits. Sleep routines can help babies learn the steps that are involved in going to bed. A bedtime routine is a … Read More

The Connection Between Baby Brain Development and Sleep

The Connection Between Baby Brain Development and Sleep In the womb, babies spend about 95% of their time asleep. As soon as they make their entrance into the world, they’ll still spend the majority of their time sleeping. The transition from the womb to the real world is overwhelming and exhausting for your baby. Baby brain development and sleep go … Read More

5 Different Sleep Training Methods for Babies

5 Different Sleep Training Methods for Babies Have you reached the point where you and your baby are ready to figure out this whole sleep thing? You’re over the sleepless nights- you want to get them to sleep in longer stretches, and eventually sleep through the night. Have you wondered how and where to start and what the heck sleep … Read More

25 Must Haves For Toddlers And Babies This Summer

Finally- summer is here! After what has felt like the longest winter ever, the sunshine has arrived and it’s time to soak up some sun! Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of some nice weather and play outdoors with your kiddos. Outdoor play is essential for growing kids, and they can learn so much by being in an … Read More

How to Stop Contact Naps

How to Stop Contact Naps When your baby is a newborn, you can’t hold them enough! Looking down at your new baby asleep in your arms is the best feeling.  You can hold them all day and snuggle for every nap if you want to. But there comes a time when you need to lay them down for naps and … Read More

How to Get Your Child Back on a Sleep Schedule for School

Can you believe it’s that time of year already?! Summer is coming to an end and fall is slowly creeping in. Schools are starting to open back up and kids are getting ready to get back in the classroom. Sleep habits and routines can often fall by the wayside during the summer. Whether you’re traveling, spending more time with friends … Read More

How to Transition Baby From Co-Sleeping to Crib

How to Transition Baby From Co-Sleeping to Crib Deciding to transition your baby from co-sleeping to sleeping independently in their crib can be a tough task for parents. Most families don’t set out planning on co-sleeping, it typically happens out of necessity. Between the crying, multiple nighttime feedings, and wakes, it seems almost more convenient to have your baby sleep … Read More

How to Get Baby to Take Longer Naps

How to Get Baby to Take Longer Naps There is something special about the feeling you get once you are able to get your baby to sleep for their nap. You can get a few things done, take some time for yourself or just sit and stare at the baby monitor waiting for them to wake up so you can … Read More

How To Transition Out Of The Swaddle

There are many benefits of swaddling your baby! I recommend using a swaddle blanket to encourage better, more restorative sleep for your newborn and infant. Swaddling helps to minimize the impact of the Moro reflex, also called the startle reflex. It can be great when it comes to helping your baby fall asleep. While it’s a helpful tool for newborns … Read More

A Dockatot Review: Are Dockatots Safe for Babies?

A Dockatot Review: Are Dockatots Safe for Babies? Co-sleeping has become a growing trend with many new parents. There are a lot of variables to consider when deciding if co-sleeping is a good fit for you and your little one. When looking at co-sleeping it is very important to keep safety in mind. There are a number of different baby … Read More