The Connection Between Baby Brain Development and Sleep

In the womb, babies spend about 95% of their time asleep. And as soon as they make their entrance into the world, they’ll still spend the majority of their time sleeping—the transition from the womb to the real world is overwhelming and exhausting for your baby.⠀ Not to mention, their bodies are in a state of rapid development, especially their … Read More

How To Get Longer Stretches Of Sleep With Newborn

Newborn Sleep Tips The reality is that newborn sleep is erratic. Your newborn is adjusting to lightness and darkness, loud sounds and quiet sounds, and he does not yet have organized sleep cycles like his parents. Newborns sleep a lot, but often that sleep is broken into small spells throughout the day and night. In the early weeks, your baby … Read More

6 Month Sleep Regression

6 Month Sleep Regression A baby’s 6th month marks a milestone for a variety of reasons. Not only is it the halfway point to your baby hitting that 1 year birthday but there are also many developmental changes that can occur around this time. As parents you can expect to see changes in your little one’s activity and of course … Read More

An Honest CradleWise Review

An Honest CradleWise Review A crib or bassinet is one of the items that parents should carefully consider before your baby arrives. There are LOTS of options for cribs and bassinets and now, there are even smart cribs and smart bassinets. A crib or bassinet can definitely impact and affect your baby’s sleep. With the advancements in technology, there are … Read More

5 Different Sleep Training Methods for Babies

5 Different Sleep Training Methods for Babies Have you reached the point where you and your baby are ready to figure out this whole sleep thing and get them sleeping longer stretches and eventually sleeping through the night? Have you wondered how and where to start and what the heck sleep training even is?! Let me fill you in! Sleep … Read More

How To Transition Out Of The Swaddle

There are many benefits of swaddling, I recommend using a swaddle to encourage better, more restorative sleep for your newborn and infant. The swaddle helps minimize the impact of the moro reflex, also called the startle reflex. While it’s a great tool for newborns and young infants, when your baby starts showing signs of rolling, it is time to transition … Read More

Healthy Bedtime Routine for Toddlers

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that an estimated 20-30% of infants and toddlers have sleep problems. Toddler sleep problems can be as simple as having trouble falling asleep or not staying asleep all night. Having a good bedtime routine sets your toddler up for an excellent night sleep and can help your child avoid very common sleep issues! The … Read More

Quiet Time for Toddlers

If your child has dropped their sacred naptime (such a sad day!) that doesn’t mean the end of quiet time.  That’s right, you heard me! Quiet time is not only beneficial for kids it also gives parents a much-needed midday break.  If your child has dropped their nap and you’re not getting a minute to yourself during the day, read … Read More

5 White Noise Benefits For Babies

Sleep is critical for your baby’s development, growth, and overall health and well-being. When babies are born, they need assistance to help fall asleep and stay asleep. There are many things that can help improve a baby’s sleep including their sleep space! Start by creating a safe sleep sanctuary and environment which includes a baby who is in a swaddle, … Read More

Sleep Training When Baby Is Sick

Having a sick baby is the absolute worst! Unfortunately, during the first few years of their life (regardless of cold and flu season, those bugs can hit whenever!), your little one is bound to get hit with a few different germy bugs here and there. As horrible as it is, it is their body’s way of developing and building immunity. … Read More