Baby Sleep Consultant in Michigan

Baby Sleep Consultant in Michigan

Pure Michigan. From our color tours in the fall to our lake days in the summer. From our snow days in the winter to our ice days in the spring. We drive “up north” to escape the frenzy of city life and relax with friends and family. We drive down to Detroit to chant, “Jared Goff,” loud and proud as we see our Lions go to the NFC Championship for the first time since 1992. Michigan is full of passion and surprises, but one thing is for sure, parenting is a journey filled with joys and challenges regarding where you live. 

baby sleep consultant in michigan

Let us guess? You are exhausted, frustrated, and you have run out of ideas on how to get your infant or toddler to sleep. You’ve tried what feels like everything to get your child to sleep. As an infant parent, we have been there. Holding your child through every night and all night feeling totally helpless as the tasks pile up around the house. As a toddler parent, we have been there. Your child won’t fall asleep unless you are right there. You’ve lost all your “you time,” and you feel suffocated. You feel guilty for having these thoughts, but you don’t know where to turn or how to move forward. We have been where you are. We see you.

One of the most common struggles parents face is getting their little ones to sleep at regular intervals. The battle against sleep regressions and constant sleep deprivation can be exhausting, leaving parents feeling overwhelmed and desperate for solutions. However, there is hope! Seeking the help of a baby sleep consultant can make a significant difference in your baby’s sleep pattern, leading to more restful nights for the entire family.

Today, I’m excited to share a round-up of highly recommended baby sleep consultants in Michigan that are a part of our Sleep Shore team. These experts specialize in helping families navigate the complexities of infant sleep, offering personalized strategies to address a range of sleep issues.

baby sleep consultant in michigan

Baby Sleep Consultant in Michigan

Pediatric Sleep Consultant/Newborn Care Specialist: Rachel Timmins 

Rachel is a Newborn Care Specialist and Pediatric Sleep Consultant based in Traverse City, Michigan. She is a wife, mom of two toddler boys, and lover of the beach and outdoors. Rachel has a degree in Nutrition Science and has a passion for health, wellness, and education. With years of experience helping families establish health habits, Rachel specializes in addressing newborn sleep. Her approach has helped countless families reclaim their nights and enjoy restful sleep once again. 

Pediatric Sleep Consultant: Danielle Richards

Danielle Richards, a dedicated pediatric sleep consultant serving the Mid-Michigan area, understands the challenges of sleep deprivation all too well. She is a wife, mom of two toddler girls, and a Special Education Teacher. With a background in child development and a wealth of expertise in sleep training techniques, Danielle works closely with families during the day as a teacher and after school as a baby sleep coach to create customized sleep plans tailored to each child’s unique needs. Whether it’s overcoming bedtime battles or managing nap transition, Danielle empowers parents with the tools and support they need to foster healthy sleep habits for their little ones.

Sleep Consultant Baby Cost: Investing in Your Family’s Well-Being

While the cost of hiring a sleep consultant may vary depending on the services offered and the consultant’s experience level, many families find it to be a worthwhile investment in their well-being. From individual consultations to comprehensive sleep packages, the value of gaining expert guidance and support in addressing sleep issues cannot be overstated. Please refer to our website for specific information on cost for one-on-one coaching services

In addition to seeking professional assistance, parents can also benefit from educating themselves on different sleep training methods. Understanding the principles behind approaches like the Ferber sleep training method and exploring alternative techniques can provide valuable insights and help families make informed decisions about their sleep journey while supporting their child to fall asleep independently. To learn more about specific sleep training methods, refer to our blog: 5 Different Sleep Training Methods for Babies

By prioritizing healthy sleep habits and seeking support when needed, parents can empower themselves to navigate the ups and downs of parenthood with confidence and resilience. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey, and there are resources available to help you every step of the way. Here’s to restful nights and brighter mornings ahead. 

Sleep Shore Sleep Services 

Are you experiencing sleep issues with your little one like difficulty falling asleep, overnight waking, or early waking? From newborns to toddlers, Sleep Shore offers one-on-one sleep training to help the whole family sleep better. Just like your child, each sleep issue is different- we take a personalized approach to fit your unique family’s needs. 

See what this mama had to say about our sleep services: 

“Sleep Shore has been a game changer for us. Within two weeks we were able to stop early wakings AND get 4 naps a day in the crib instead of contact napping for each of them. Having someone just a text away (definitely do the texting add-on — it’s a must-have) to answer all my questions and help me navigate through the process was so helpful. It was worth every penny!”

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