How to Manage Nap Transitions

How To Manage Nap Transitions Nap transitions can be exhausting and confusing. When your baby should be napping and for how long can seem like some crazy impossible riddle. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Want to handle nap transitions like a pro? Follow these guidelines for a smooth transition. Nap transitions are inevitable and a normal part … Read More

Daylight Savings: Fall Back and Your Baby’s Sleep

On November 7th we will turn the clocks back and daylight savings comes to an end. For parents with small children, ‘falling back’ doesn’t mean that you can spend an extra hour in bed. Parents of small children dread these changes in schedules, rightfully so! These shifts in schedules can create challenges with nap and bedtime routines. With some understanding … Read More

How To Get A Baby On A Sleep Schedule When Traveling

Traveling is one of the most amazing things in life. New places, foods, cultures – ahhh, what could be better? Traveling with children or to visit family can feel daunting and overwhelming but it is a great way to make memories and new experiences with your family. Traveling can disrupt your baby’s sleep schedule and with advanced preparation and planning, … Read More

Allergy Friendly Halloween Candy

Believe it or not, Halloween is almost here! Families everywhere will be rushing to Target, CVS and Costco to prepare for their trick or treaters. It’s really important when you are buying candy to be mindful of kids with allergies! There are plenty of candies that have several food allergens and can cause serious reactions. If you have a food … Read More

When Do Babies Go Through Sleep Regressions

What is a sleep regression anyway?? A sleep regression is a developmental PROgression where your baby is learning new and exciting skills. While these new physical and mental skills are a great step in your child’s development, they can cause sudden sleep problems that throw parents for a loop. It’s hard at the moment but try to remember that these … Read More

How To Night Feed During Sleep Training

Sleep is a critical part of the development of a healthy, well-rested baby. Sleep directly impacts brain development, digestive systems, immune systems, developmental milestones and so much more! In addition, sleep training is the process where babies and children learn to fall asleep independently. It is a myth that you can’t night feed during sleep training. What is false is … Read More