My Easy & Non-Toxic Makeup Routine for Busy Mamas

As moms, our plates aren’t just full- they’re overflown and spilled all over the floor by our children. When every other thought revolves around keeping your little ones calm, fed, and clean, it can feel unnatural to think about yourself. If you’re having one of those days (or weeks), I’m here to remind you, mama- it is okay to take … Read More

New Year’s Resolution for Mamas: Make 2024 the Year of YOU

It’s that time of year, folks: the end of December, and a fresh start to a new year. This means that you may be considering what 2024 will look like- what resolutions are you hoping to accomplish this year? Which bad habits are you trying to quit? Whether you’re planning a life makeover or just hope to feel 1% better, … Read More

2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone in Your Life

The holiday season is upon us! At Sleep Shore, we believe preparation is key. Planning ahead makes bedtime routines, sleep training, and travel much easier- and the same goes for gift-giving! We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for everyone on your list, from the kiddos to your closest friends. Let’s dive into the 2023 holiday gift guide!  2023 … Read More

10 Nontoxic Skincare Products That Will Make You Glow

Are you familiar with feeling burnt out, exhausted, and overwhelmed? Mamas, we see you. You’re juggling a million different things at once- daycare pickups, figuring out dinner, nap math, and trying to keep the house from looking like a complete disaster (all while staying sane). Self-care doesn’t always feel like it fits into that equation (and sometimes, it really doesn’t), … Read More

Simple Makeup and Skincare Routine Steps for Busy Moms

I see you, mama. Tired, busy, and always needed in some way (usually in more than one place at a time). Being a mom means maximizing whatever alone time you can get- and savoring every moment. One of my favorite ways to do this is through self-care- when you feel your best, you are your best! My love for self-care … Read More