Moving Baby to Own Room

Sharing a room with your baby can be a special experience, but eventually, the time comes to transition them to their own space. Moving a baby from their parents room can look different for many families. Some parents may be bed sharing. Some parents may have their baby in a bassinet. Some parents may have their baby in a crib … Read More

5 Crib Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Crib safety is vital to learn about as a new parent! One of the biggest and most important purchases you make as a new parent is your baby’s crib.  There are so many options on the market, you can choose almost any color, and there are multiple sizes and different styles. You will most likely do a ton of research … Read More

Why Is My Baby Waking Up Every Hour

Leaving the hospital as a first time parent, I vividly remember having multiple thoughts. How am I being trusted to take care of this small human? They are letting me just…leave! I remember being terrified the entire drive home. My husband drove slower than he had in his entire life. I was too afraid to leave our daughter in the … Read More

Why Does My Baby Only Sleep When Held?

Do you have a little one who only seems to want to sleep when he/she is in your arms? Oftentimes these babies will tend to sleep soundly when they are held but wake up and cry when they are placed on the crib / bassinet. While holding your baby while they are asleep can seem like the perfect way to … Read More

Newborn Cluster Feeding At Night

Having a newborn is so incredible! If you’ve had a baby, you know how many highs and lows this season comes with. No matter how special this stage of life is, you are likely exhausted, especially if you’re going through cluster feeding!  Cluster feeding happens when your baby nurses way more than usual- this is super common for breastfed babies. … Read More

When To Stop Dream Feed

When To Stop Dream Feed Babies. They spend most of their time sleeping, don’t they? If only I could rewind time and tell the old version of me how wrong I was. The memo must have got lost in the mail regarding the constant cycle of sleep, eat, poop, repeat. It not only feels like a feeding frenzy those first … Read More

When Do Babies Outgrow Contact Naps

Understanding Contact Naps In the wonderful, yet challenging, journey of parenting, one of the most treasured moments is the precious bond formed during contact naps. Looking at the face of the perfect baby you created is mind-altering. The thought of those sweet chunky cheeks, little fingers, and fluttering comfortably sleeping in your arms seems to put the whole world at … Read More

How to Stop Contact Naps

How to Stop Contact Naps When your baby is a newborn, you can’t hold them enough! Looking down at your new baby asleep in your arms is the best feeling.  You can hold them all day and snuggle for every nap if you want to. But there comes a time when you need to lay them down for naps and … Read More

Is it Safe for Newborns to Sleep With Pacifiers? Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re receiving endless amounts of conflicting information regarding different parenting decisions. When it comes to babies and safe sleeping practices, a common question that comes up is whether or not pacifiers are okay overnight. Today, we will be covering if pacifiers are safe for newborns to sleep with, along with some other sleeping tips to … Read More

10 Benefits Of Swaddling Your Baby

Since 4,000 BC, parents have been swaddling their babies. Swaddling is using a light blanket to wrap your baby in to help them feel safe and secure and to mimic the feeling inside the womb. In the womb, babies are wrapped like a cocoon and when they come out into the world, it’s the first time they’re able to stretch … Read More