How to Beat Exhaustion: Getting Sleep During Developmental Milestones

If this isn’t your first rodeo as a parent, you’re likely familiar with the fact that sleep during developmental milestones can be a struggle. (If this is your first time as a parent- buckle up!) Developmental milestones can impact sleep in many ways- as your little one grows and learns about the world around them, their sleep patterns are often … Read More

How To Minimize Sleep Disruptions During Potty Training

Is it time for your little one to graduate from diapers? While potty training may make life easier once it’s over, the process can be tough on parents. It often goes hand in hand with overnight wakings, bedwetting, bedtime resistance, and general sleep challenges. Sleep struggles are difficult for the whole family- nobody likes the feeling of being exhausted. So … Read More

When Do Babies Go Through Sleep Regressions

What is a sleep regression, anyway?? Sleep regressions are a developmental PROgression where your baby is learning new and exciting skills. While these new physical and mental skills are a great step in your child’s development, they can cause sudden sleep problems that throw parents for a loop. It can be hard in the moment but try to remember that … Read More

8 of the Most Common Sleep Training Challenges and How to Get Through Them

Sleep training is no walk in the park. It may be our specialty at Sleep Shore, but there’s a reason we had to get certified. It’s HARD work, but so worth it! Whether you have a baby or toddler, it’s never too late to start! Sleep training can drastically improve your quality of life. Today, I’ll be discussing 8 common … Read More

4-Month Sleep Regression

If you’re at about the 4-month mark and feel hopeless the second the clock strikes bedtime, I see you. The 4-month sleep regression is to be expected- but it can be brutal. Just when you thought you were through with the newborn sleepless phase, it can feel like it comes out of nowhere. Sleep regressions are a normal milestone around … Read More

The 2-Year Sleep Regression

Sleep regressions are exhausting, frustrating, and hard– but also normal. In your child’s early years of growth and development, they’re absorbing so much of their environment and learning about the world around them. Sleep regressions typically happen around 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months (but every child is different!). Today, I’m sharing sleep tips to help make … Read More

The 3-Year Sleep Regression

Sleep regressions are a normal part of your little one’s growth and development. During the early years of your child’s life, they are picking up so much information about the world around them! Sleep regressions typically happen around 4,8,12,18, 24, and 36 months. Learning about sleep regressions can help parents and caregivers to learn and better understand what a child … Read More

18-Month Sleep Regression

Sleep regressions are completely normal in growing babies and toddlers. It happens at different stages in a child’s life- while the timing varies, they typically occur around 4,8,12,18, and 24 months. A toddler or baby’s sleep can feel like it completely changes when going through these sleep challenges. 18-month sleep regressions are to be expected, and there are ways to … Read More

12 Month Sleep Regression

In the first 12 months of life, a baby changes tremendously! There are so many developmental milestones that impact their growth and development. Babies grow from infants to young toddlers and become much more active! Although there are many exciting changes to your baby at 12 months, there are also A LOT of changes to their sleep patterns. Your child … Read More

What Is Sleep Regression In Babies

What Is Sleep Regression in Babies? Is your baby who was sleeping beautifully through the night suddenly waking up in the middle of the night? Or is your baby boycotting naps and bedtime like crazy all of a sudden? This could be a sleep regression! So… what is sleep regression? Sleep regression is a period of time when your baby … Read More