How To Manage A Toddler Resisting Bedtime

Does a toddler resisting bedtime sound familiar? Let me set the scene: you’ve made dinner and negotiated with your 3-year-old to take 5 bites in exchange for a cookie. Hustled through your sleep routine (which burns you more calories than a Cody Rigsby spin class). You let your toddler pick out another book, sign a lullaby, and line up their … Read More

8 of the Most Common Sleep Training Challenges and How to Get Through Them

Sleep training is no walk in the park. It may be our specialty at Sleep Shore, but there’s a reason we had to get certified. It’s HARD work, but so worth it! Whether you have a baby or toddler, it’s never too late to start! Sleep training can drastically improve your quality of life. Today, I’ll be discussing 8 common … Read More

Night Terrors vs Nightmares in Babies

Waking up to the sounds of a child screaming is a terrifying feeling. This is especially true when attempts to comfort your child are unsuccessful as they are unresponsive or inconsolable. This isn’t a nightmare; these are behaviors of a child during a night terror. Nightmares are disruptive or frightening dreams that cause sleep distress. Nightmares and night terrors are … Read More

When Is the Right Time to Sleep Train Your Baby?

If you’re all too familiar with feeling completely exhausted, you need sleep training in your life. Sleep training can help your little one finally learn how to self-soothe to fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleep training was a complete game-changer for my family, which launched my passion for helping other families achieve better sleep schedules too. Today, I’m sharing how … Read More

Best Baby Sleep Products

Parenting is difficult no matter how you look at it- but it’s so much easier when you’re getting good sleep. Not only is sleep essential for being the best version of ourselves for our kids, but sleep is the most critical component of development, health, and growth for babies. Babies who sleep better, longer, and restoratively are happier, eat better, … Read More

4-Month Sleep Regression

If you’re at about the 4-month mark and feel hopeless the second the clock strikes bedtime, I see you. The 4-month sleep regression is to be expected- but it can be brutal. Just when you thought you were through with the newborn sleepless phase, it can feel like it comes out of nowhere. Sleep regressions are a normal milestone around … Read More

The Connection Between Baby Brain Development and Sleep

The Connection Between Baby Brain Development and Sleep In the womb, babies spend about 95% of their time asleep. As soon as they make their entrance into the world, they’ll still spend the majority of their time sleeping. The transition from the womb to the real world is overwhelming and exhausting for your baby. Baby brain development and sleep go … Read More

5 Different Sleep Training Methods for Babies

5 Different Sleep Training Methods for Babies Have you reached the point where you and your baby are ready to figure out this whole sleep thing? You’re over the sleepless nights- you want to get them to sleep in longer stretches, and eventually sleep through the night. Have you wondered how and where to start and what the heck sleep … Read More

Benefits of In-Home Sleep Training 

Having a baby is a miracle that we as parents get to enjoy. A new child changes everything. With all of the smiles, sleepless nights, giggles, tantrums, and milestones- parenthood is truly an emotional rollercoaster. Worth it? Yes. Challenging? Also yes. Sleep is one of the many challenges that come with parenthood, and sometimes you may need extra help. There … Read More

The Ferber Method of Sleep Training 

Are you slugging through life on caffeine and adrenaline? If you’re an exhausted parent, sleep training is life-changing. You can’t put a price on feeling well-rested – and sleep is crucial to our overall health and well-being. (Not just for your children- you too!) There are many different methods of sleep training, and all of them are viable options that … Read More