Baby Won’t Sleep Without Swaddle But Rolls Over

Swaddling has long been a comforting technique for babies, replicating the cozy feeling of being in the womb with a snug wrap of a blanket or cloth. It helps soothe infants by limiting their startle reflex and promoting better sleep cycles. Swaddling at the appropriate age and time has many benefits. However, as babies get older and more mobile, particularly … Read More

How To Get Newborn To Sleep In Bassinet

Getting babies to sleep can be one of the most challenging tasks for new parents. When I entered my parenting era, I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that putting a newborn baby to sleep would be such a process. I remember setting her down in her bassinet, unswaddled, and thinking, “Well, that is it. My job is done here.” … Read More

Baby Sleep and Temperament

Baby Sleep and Temperament A newborn baby’s personality can start to show almost immediately after birth. You can even pick up on some baby’s temperament as early as in the womb. Was your baby a wild party animal in your stomach? Or a calm, slow mover? A baby’s temperament is basically their disposition and how they act and react in … Read More

How To Sleep Train Twins

A daunting thought: sleep training a single baby. Times two? Maybe three? Say less. It feels impossible, right? Parents of multiples are truly unsung heroes. These moms and dads take multi-tasking to a mastery level that feels supernatural. Like every human being though, sleep is a vital need. As heroic as our parents of multiples are…they need sleep too. Juggling … Read More

Baby Keeps Rolling To Tummy And Crying

From their first gummy smile to their tentative steps, babies achieve numerous milestones in their first year. Among these, learning to roll over is a significant achievement. This developmental leap not only signals physical progress but also marks a new independence. However, as your baby navigates this milestone, you may encounter challenges, particularly when they start rolling onto their tummy … Read More

Sleep Training When Baby Is Sick

Having a sick baby is the absolute worst! Unfortunately, during the first few years of their life (regardless of cold and flu season, those bugs can hit whenever!), your little one is bound to get hit with a few different germy bugs here and there. As horrible as it is, it is their body’s way of developing and building immunity. … Read More

Moving Baby to Own Room

Sharing a room with your baby can be a special experience, but eventually, the time comes to transition them to their own space. Moving a baby from their parents room can look different for many families. Some parents may be bed sharing. Some parents may have their baby in a bassinet. Some parents may have their baby in a crib … Read More

Why Is My Baby Waking Up Every Hour

Leaving the hospital as a first time parent, I vividly remember having multiple thoughts. How am I being trusted to take care of this small human? They are letting me just…leave! I remember being terrified the entire drive home. My husband drove slower than he had in his entire life. I was too afraid to leave our daughter in the … Read More

Why Is My Baby Suddenly Taking Short Naps

Paying close attention to your baby’s sleeping patterns is crucial for both their development and your peace of mind. Sudden changes to their sleeping schedule can indicate a variety of underlying issues. Understanding the reasons for these changes can help you find the right solutions to ensure your baby gets the rest they need. Naps are essential for babies as … Read More

Baby Sleep Consultant in Michigan

Pure Michigan. From our color tours in the fall to our lake days in the summer. From our snow days in the winter to our ice days in the spring. We drive “up north” to escape the frenzy of city life and relax with friends and family. We drive down to Detroit to chant, “Jared Goff,” loud and proud as … Read More