4-Month-Old Sleep Schedule: How to Get as Much Sleep as Possible

The newborn phase is so precious, and time flies by faster than you’d think! You’ve blinked, and suddenly you’re at the 4-month mark. It’s no secret that despite how sweet this stage is, sleep deprivation can be brutal for parents. You may feel like you’re in survival mode, and it can be tricky to know how and when to try … Read More

Weaning the Pacifier: The Best Tips for A Smooth Transition

Weaning the pacifier is one of those gray areas that can be difficult to navigate as a parent. Although it’s a big milestone, it can be hard to get rid of something that you know is bringing your little one comfort. It’s even harder to figure out the timing. Like everything else in parenting, you know your child best. However, … Read More

My Easy & Non-Toxic Makeup Routine for Busy Mamas

As moms, our plates aren’t just full- they’re overflown and spilled all over the floor by our children. When every other thought revolves around keeping your little ones calm, fed, and clean, it can feel unnatural to think about yourself. If you’re having one of those days (or weeks), I’m here to remind you, mama- it is okay to take … Read More

Early Morning Wakings: Why is My Baby Waking Up Early?

Remember the days when you could sleep in? If you’re a mama, the term “slow mornings” is likely no longer in your vocabulary. Hitting the snooze button has been replaced with a crying baby… Spoiler alert, babies don’t have a snooze button, no matter how early their early morning wakings may be.  Although sleeping in may no longer be realistic, … Read More

New Year’s Resolution for Mamas: Make 2024 the Year of YOU

It’s that time of year, folks: the end of December, and a fresh start to a new year. This means that you may be considering what 2024 will look like- what resolutions are you hoping to accomplish this year? Which bad habits are you trying to quit? Whether you’re planning a life makeover or just hope to feel 1% better, … Read More

How to Beat Exhaustion: Getting Sleep During Developmental Milestones

If this isn’t your first rodeo as a parent, you’re likely familiar with the fact that sleep during developmental milestones can be a struggle. (If this is your first time as a parent- buckle up!) Developmental milestones can impact sleep in many ways- as your little one grows and learns about the world around them, their sleep patterns are often … Read More

How To Minimize Sleep Disruptions During Potty Training

Is it time for your little one to graduate from diapers? While potty training may make life easier once it’s over, the process can be tough on parents. It often goes hand in hand with overnight wakings, bedwetting, bedtime resistance, and general sleep challenges. Sleep struggles are difficult for the whole family- nobody likes the feeling of being exhausted. So … Read More

The Threat of Technology: Why is Screen Time Harmful to Children?

We’ve all been there- trying to run some errands, everything is (somewhat) smooth sailing, and then it happens… The toddler tantrum. What is there to do in the middle of a Target besides hand your kid your phone in hopes of them *not* screaming? At Sleep Shore, we get it. Handing your little one a tablet or a phone is often … Read More

Newborn Sleep Schedule: How to Get On Track for Better Sleep

The newborn stage brings on a roller coaster of emotions for new parents. Adjusting to the major life change of welcoming a whole new person into the world is no joke. Between newborn bliss, diapers, feedings, and sleep deprivation, you’re learning the ins and outs of parenthood (all while feeling like a total zombie). It’s a wild ride. Whether you’re … Read More

Handling Separation Anxiety in Toddlers and Promoting Better Sleep

On the long list of parenting challenges, separation anxiety is pretty close to the top. Although separation anxiety can feel impossible when you’re in the thick of it, there are many ways to help get through it. (Don’t worry- it won’t last forever.) Today, we’re covering how to handle separation anxiety in toddlers and promote healthy sleep habits!  Handling Separation … Read More