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Raise your hand if you have a baby and the past 24 hours seems like a total blur.

Grab one of my Schedule Notepads. The perfect place to make sure everyone is on the same page. You'll be able to keep track of your babies feedings, sleep and other helpful notes for caregivers.

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Downloadable Sleep Guides
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Newborn Guides
Get My Newborn Sleeping

Learn and listen to my top tips for newborn sleep. Walk away from this call feeling confident and ready to tackle the newborn phase. In addition to the call you will receive my newborn guide and 2, 15 minutes calls with me! One for now and one for later.

Purchasing this includes:

  • Get My Newborn Sleeping - a 30 minute call with Molly Leighton
  • Newborn sleep guide ($27 value)
  • (2) 15-minute sleep calls
    • One upon purchase and one to be used when your baby is 12-16 weeks old (I will reach out to you to schedule!)

On my newborn sleep call you will learn:

  • How to get better sleep from the moment your baby is born
  • Orienting day and night
  • The two secret weapons of great newborn sleep
  • Tricks to calm your fussy, inconsolable baby
  • Dealing with fussiness
  • Getting good daytime naps
  • Wrapping the perfect swaddle
  • Sleep and feeding schedules
  • Safe sleep practices
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Newborn Sleep Guide
Newborn sleep is down right exhausting! You’re constantly guessing if it’s nap time or time for a feed. Is that a sleepy cue? Or just a cute new expression? This guide will teach you how to know if your newborn is tired and make you feel more confident about their schedule!

The Newborn Sleep Guide can be purchased below and will be sent immediately to your email.

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3-4 Month Sleep Guide

Your baby’s sleep is changing, what worked in the newborn phase is suddenly not working – so what do you do? This 3-4 month guide will help provide you with tools to help your baby sleep independently, provide guidance on how to help extend naps and overnight sleep and guidance on transitions to the crib, out of the swaddle and more!

Inside this guide you will find tips to help with:

o Daytime routines
o Sleep routines
o Wake windows
o Short naps
o Feeding tips
o Overnight feeds
o Dream feeds
o Sleep regression
o Soothing steps
o Transition to the crib
o Swaddle transition
o Sleep associations
o The pacifier
o Safe sleep
o Sleep training
o Recommended products

The 3-4 month Sleep Guide can be purchased below and will be sent immediately to your email.

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Infant Guides
Infant Sleep Guide

Ready to get your infant sleeping independently? Dreaming of putting your infant in their crib for a nap and knowing you'll have an hour and a half to do what YOU need to do?

Download this guide to learn step by step how to sleep train your infant! This guide provides sample schedules by age, how to navigate sleep regressions, guidance on breaking sleep associations, and MUCH MORE.

The Infant Sleep Guide can be purchased below and will be sent immediately to your email.

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Early Wakeup Guide
Tired of starting your day at 5am but unsure if you should shift bedtime later? Earlier? Move your child’s nap time? This guide will help troubleshoot your child’s schedule to get those morning wakeups times later!
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2-1 Nap Transition Guide
If your toddler is constantly skipping a nap and is close to 15 months, it’s likely time they are ready to transition to 1 nap. This nap transition can backfire if you don’t do it correctly. This guide gives you a day by day, step by step schedule to transition your child to 1 nap with ease!
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The Travel Sleep Guide
Planning a trip? Does the thought of messing with your child's sleep almost make you not want to go? Download my travel guide and you won't feel that way! The travel guide includes information on what to pack, how to plan to travel and sleep, managing time zones, how to stick to your routine but remain flexible and MUCH more! The Travel Sleep Guide can be purchased below and will be sent immediately to your email.
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Toddler Guides
Toddler Sleep Guide

Toddler giving you a hard time with sleep? It may be time to shift their schedule. Toddlers' sleep needs shift as they get older. Download this guide and learn how to shift your toddlers schedule so they get the optimal sleep they need for development!

The Toddler Sleep Guide can be purchased below and will be sent immediately to your email.

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Toddler Bedtime Tools
Is your toddler's bedtime routine turning into a circus act? If your toddler is pulling out every excuse in the book to avoid bedtime then it’s time to implement behavioral tools to move bedtime forward. The bedtime routine chart and sleep rules chart will help signal to your child that it’s time for bed and will put YOU back in the driver seat during the bedtime routine.
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