My Easy & Non-Toxic Makeup Routine for Busy Mamas

As moms, our plates aren’t just full- they’re overflown and spilled all over the floor by our children. When every other thought revolves around keeping your little ones calm, fed, and clean, it can feel unnatural to think about yourself. If you’re having one of those days (or weeks), I’m here to remind you, mama- it is okay to take a few minutes to yourself to feel your best. 

Motherhood often feels way too busy to dole out precious time applying cosmetics (or practicing self-care in general). But if makeup is your thing, taking a few minutes to refresh for the day is a huge step towards feeling like your best self. If you’re looking for a few solid beauty products to introduce into your regimen, stay tuned for my non-toxic makeup routine for busy mamas.

non-toxic makeup routine for busy mamas

Non-Toxic Makeup Routine for Busy Mamas

In addition to keeping things simple, I try my best to use non-toxic and natural ingredients that are safe and clean. This is why I LOVE Beautycounter products so much- all of their products are completely non-toxic. They have a Never List which details over 2,800 ingredients that they vow to never include in their formulas- I can truly shop their line worry-free. I also love makeup brands like Ilia and Thrive Causemetics for shopping for non-toxic staples. 

For the entire low-down on my daily skincare and makeup routine, check out my full beauty regimen. It helps me feel my best (without wasting any extra time!). Let’s dive into my non-toxic makeup routine that helps me feel fresh and put together. 

non-toxic makeup

Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40

This non-toxic face sunscreen is an everyday go-to for me. It doubles as a makeup primer and leaves me feeling so glowy. The moisturizing formula is made with vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide to create the perfect base layer for all skin types. (It has a light tint, so sometimes I’ll even skip foundation when I’m going for a no-makeup makeup look!)

Beautycounter Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer

I love the breathable and glowy coverage that this tinted moisturizer provides. It has SPF 20 for sun protection and pearlescent pigments for a glowing finish. It even doubles as skincare- it’s formulated with black currant seed oil, vitamin C, and peony root extract to brighten and even out your complexion.

Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer non-toxic makeup

Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer

If you have dark undereye circles, this brightening concealer will be your new best friend! It has the perfect creamy consistency without creating cakiness or lines. The coverage is buildable yet subtle for a second-skin look. It effortlessly conceals blemishes, redness, dark circles, and discoloration. The anti-aging formula uses knotgrass extract and avocado butter to nourish the skin while actively reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Beautycounter Brilliant Brow Gel 

Framing your face is key to looking less tired, and I love using this eyebrow gel to do that. The buildable formula provides natural-looking fuller brows that don’t flake or fade. It’s made with jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, elderberry extract, and cocoa seed butter to hydrate, protect, and condition the brows. Sunflower seed wax and carnauba wax work together to keep the brows in place for a polished finish. 

Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner 

This non-toxic eye pencil is waterproof, long-lasting, bold, and easy to apply. It’s made with semi-permanent micro pigments to lock your liner in place. I love the applicator- there’s even a smudge tip on the end of the stick to buff it out for a smoky eye. This formula is dermatologist-tested and gentle enough for extra-sensitive eyes. 

Beautycounter Think Big All-In-One Mascara non-toxic safe makeup

Beautycounter Think Big All-In-One Mascara 

This mascara delivers lifted lashes that won’t flake off throughout the day. The lengthening, volumizing, and nourishing formula is made with tripeptide technology and panthenol to condition and improve your lash health as you wear it. Most mascaras use carbon black (which is carcinogenic) to deliver a deep black pigment. However, Beautycounter uses true black pigment instead, which is a safe and effective alternative. 

Ilia NightLite Bronzing Powder 

This bronzer is perfect for adding color back to your face. The formula is made with jojoba seed oil, matte mica, and silica beads for a hydrating, silky finish that’s buildable and easy to apply. I love adding a few quick swipes to add some warmth and dimension to my makeup look. 

Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush non-toxic safe cosmetics

Beautycounter Cheeky Clean Cream Blush 

This cream blush adds a gorgeous and natural-looking flush of color. It’s made with jojoba esters and squalane to nourish the skin and prevent any cakiness. This blush truly gives that perfect glow-from-within look to top off my makeup routine. My favorite shade is goji, which is a stunning red hue. Whether your thing is bold colors or a subtle nude look, there are tons of shades to choose from. 

Beautycounter Flawless In Five

If you’re looking to build up your non-toxic makeup routine, I’d opt for this set. It includes Beautycounter’s Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation or Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer, Skin Twin Creamy Concealer, Brilliant Brow Gel, Think Big All-In-One Mascara, Cheeky Clean Cream Blush, and Beyond Gloss. This all-in-one starter kit includes all of the best makeup products to create a natural makeup look!

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