If you have a toddler or preschooler who is struggling with going to bed, waking up frequently overnight, or rising early in the morning, I’m here to tell you that we can work on these sleep roadblocks! Whether it’s an ongoing problem or a new issue, toddler sleep plans will help get bedtime back on track and give everyone a good night of sleep.
Your child is struggling with day AND nighttime sleep and you need two weeks of 1:1 support to get things back on track

• 3 phone consults with me
• An easy to follow, customized sleep plan for your child, implemented together during our 2-week session
• Two weeks of access to a private sleep log, which will allow you to submit daily sleep logs and ask me questions
• A future look sleep plan to help your family stay on track after our time together
• Invitation to client only Facebook group for continuous support after package ends

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Schedule a 30-Minute call to discuss your child's sleep issues.
This is best to talk about a specific sleep problem, such as:

• Sleep schedules
• Nap transitions
• Sleep training methods

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We did Molly’s boot camp for toddlers after my 3 year old started getting up 3,4,5 times a night and screaming for me. At that point, I was too tired, I let him share our bed or I slept in his room on the floor. After the weeklong boot camp, my little man is sleeping in his own bed all night and putting himself to sleep at night. I’ve gotten some ME time back to recharge and I’m grateful.


My girls got sick so much back to back and their schedules were very disrupted. After working with Molly for just two weeks, they had an amazing transformation! I feel like I got soo much sanity and time back and they were so much happier and well rested! Thank you so much!!


Our son Aiden (2 y/o) was struggling to self soothe and fall asleep on his own. We went to Molly and she immediately provided us with tons of information on how to help Aiden fall asleep by himself. She was soooo supportive to me every night when I was worried/stressed about whatever was happening with Aiden - she was always available to me and provided us with advice and coaching my husband and I on what to do and what not to do. Thank you Molly for helping us get back on track!!!


We started a program when our LO was 17 months. He was fed to sleep every night and up every 2-3 hours and sometimes took up to 2 hours to go back to sleep. I was completely exhausted and knew I needed help. I had seen a recommendation from Lexi's Clean Kitchen on Instagram for Molly and decided it was time to pull the trigger. Molly was very accommodating with our anticipated start time and provided plenty of information and support both before and during the "training" period. We ended up using a couple methods before finding the one that worked best. Being able to message Molly and keep in contact with her during the whole process gave us a lot of confidence in pressing on. Our little guy took to the program so well and we even traveled with him recently with great success! I would absolutely recommend Molly and am grateful every day that we made the decision to reach out to her.